Ferry Weird

I know there are concerns and will be concerns about the impact of yet another big ship in our midst, but why is the State Supreme Court overruling an earlier court decision in resounding fashion right as the Superferry is ready to weigh anchor?  The environmentalists certainly should have their day or days or weeks in court, but by late August, 2007, shouldn't this thing have been finished, one way or another?

An environmental assessment could lead to an Environmental Impact Statement, and that will take a long time.  And really, that's fine, but why did the people who make these decisions let this go through, as if all was said and done, only to have the decision quickly countermanded in stunning fashion by the State's highest court?

Call me crazy or naive, but this should have been handled, definitively, one way or another, three years ago.  Community activists deserve to know what's going on, but that should have been detailed, done, appealed and finalized years ago.  And what now happens with all of the ships and recreational boats already using harbor resources and traveling through marine sanctuaries?  Aren't they going to be up for review, too?  This is ferry, ferry weird as I continue to Think About It.