Green Thinking

A lot is being made these days about "thinking green."  You know, environmental awareness and protection.  And now the movement is gaining more traction because, of course, businesses are seeing the value of jumping on this necessary bandwagon.  Amazing how things perk up when profits pick up in our world.

But you can make a big difference in just some simple things that you do.  For example, when you go into a store and pick up one or two items, bag the bag.  Just carry it in your free hand as you walk back to your car-why waste yet another plastic bag?  And those silly water bottles?  Come on, it's purified tap water for the most part.  You'll survive.  Refill your bottle every day multiple times, keep yourself hydrated, but stop wasting plastic.  Throw a lemon slice or gummy bear in there if you want some flavoring.  Re-used bottles simply don't need to be recycled.  And how about keeping your supermarket plastic bags in your car after you put items away at home?  That way, you can bring your bags back into the store each week, instead of getting new bags?  OK, feel free to recycle the wet or dirty ones.  Make other green ideas a family project, just for fun.

Simple, helpful, valuable, and not a real stretch, just a change in habits.  And you're doing something for the greater good.  Think About It.