Rain, Dear

Flossie came and went, leaving behind teardrops and not devastation.  Add to that a few rattles from earthquakes, the alert about a possible tsunami, and the dubious brushfires, and it was quite a week for Mother Nature in Hawaii.  It could have been a week of biblical relevance if we had just seen a few locusts or frogs in our midst.

Nonetheless, everything that happened last week was thankfully a benign warning.  It's not hard to stock up on water or batteries, just in case.  Those are items you can use even if nothing comes to pass with troubling weather.  But what about evacuation plans, what about finding shelter, what about the family pets, what about the elders?

Hopefully, the trial run of Hurricane Flossie and the minor earthquakes on the Big Island will remind us all that forewarned once again is forearmed.  You cannot take for granted those things over which you have no control, but you sure can be smart, be prepared, be pro-active, so that the next time-and there will be a next time-you and your family are as safe as can be should the vagaries of wind, rumbling, fire, and rain come our way.  Think About It.