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Kauai Protestors Keep Superferry Away

Diana LaBetz Diana LaBetz

(KHNL) - While Maui protestors went to court to stop the Hawaii Superferry, Kauai protestors again take to the water to keep the ship from coming in.

Kauai protestors paddle out with their surfboards and canoes, along with their desire to stop this inter-island service.

The Superferry was scheduled to pull into Kauai at 5:30 Monday evening, but the people in the water kept the ship from docking. And for hours, passengers were stuck on the Alakai just offshore. Leaving many on board frustrated and angry because they could not reach their destination. But protestors celebrated their victory.

Last night, protesters were unable to keep the ship from docking and when the demonstration moved from the water to the pier, the vocal crowd turned violent.

Police were forced to use pepper spray to clear the crowd and allow cars to get off the Superferry.

"We're stopping the Superferry. We're stopping the people from getting off. we're creating gridlock." says Diana LaBetz, one of the protestors.

Three protestors were arrested during the Superferry's first trip to Kauai. Monday night there were also a few arrests made. And in order to handle the crowd in the water, the Coast Guard flew additional personnel and sent boats over to Kauai.

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