High School Footbrawl Fall Out

Tumoana Kenessey
Tumoana Kenessey

AIEA (KHNL) - For the first 59 minutes of regulation play, it was just another Saturday night on the high school gridiron.

A game that in the final minute, exploded into chaos.

"Both schools were playing very hard," said Aiea Principal Michael Tokioka, "It was a hard fought game and its just unfortunate it had to end this way."

What followed was a scuffle between Aiea and Campbell players.

According to Oahu Interscholastic Association rules, player that leave the sidelines during an altercation will be ejected and suspended for the next game.

Today OIA officials reviewed video tape of the game, and because the exact number of players that stepped onto the field could not be determined, the OIA ruled both teams will have to forfeit their next regular season game.

"This is what happens when you retaliate, instead of using your mind and play within the rules of games," said Campbell head coach Tumoana Kenessey, "This is a consequence of those actions"

Neither school, nor the OIA could conclusively determine what started the incident, and both schools will enforce their own disciplinary action.

"We know there are students we can identify and were involved in this," Tokioka said, "Certainly we don't condone any kind of behavior that is alleged. So once we can determine who was involved we will have sanctions against those students."

However both Campbell and Aiea will be allowed to play their regularly scheduled non-conference games this weekend, and look at it as part of the healing process.

"I think the kids will use this as a way to improve their character," Kenessey said, "To become better human beings and to become better men and to represent the community well."