Superferry Sets Sail

Haven Rafto
Haven Rafto
Superferry C.E.O. John Garibaldi
Superferry C.E.O. John Garibaldi

The Hawaii Superferry took it's maiden voyage today, two days earlier than scheduled.

Tthe ship had no problems pulling into its first port.

More than 500 people and 120 vehicles made the trip to maui on the Hawaii Superferrys'

inagural voyage and, for many the ride and the views were spectacular.

"Seeing diamond head and light house for the first time was one of the prettiest views i've seen on superferry it was special," said passenger Alice Shelley.

Pasengers say just as nice as the sights was the special 5-dollar fare.

"Obviously the fare attracted us we were free today and this sounded like and exciting trip for ourselves," said passenger Haven Rafto.

And by the looks on their faces, the Superferry appears to be a hit with passengers looking for an island getaway without having to board a plane.

"This something for the the future to plan a trip where we can take a car and have more freedom to travel to outer islands, said Haven Rafto.

The ride was relatively smooth and there were no delays.

"We got out of honolulu harbor before the scheduled time we got out of kahului before the scheduled time, we're ready to go," said Superferry C.E.O. John Garibaldi.

Supporters say the hawaii superferry is another good travel option.

"I think the Superferry is needed for inter-island travel and our state," said Haven Rafto.

"They're just elated that we finally got this up and running, they're looking forward to taking more voyages on it," said John Garibaldi.

The special 5-dollar fare will be good until September 5th. Customers who have already purchased tickets for travel between August 28th and the 5th of September will be refunded and offered the special fare.