Last Day For Wastewater Public Comment

Dean Higuchi
Dean Higuchi

The Honouliuli wastewater plant releases treated sewage off shore Kalealoa.

It discharges treated wastewater through an outfall located more than 8,000 feet offshore and 200 feet below the ocean's surface. It's fully treated according to the City having gone through primary treatment.

Not enough says the environmental protection agency.

E-P-A's Dean Higuchi says, "The plant does not meet the minimum requirements necessary to grant that waiver or variance from secondary treatment."

Federal environmental officials want the treated sewage to pass through full, secondary treatment requirements that would remove more bacteria.

Recently Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann disagreed. He's disappointed with this proposal.

Upgrading the Ewa facility will cost an estimated $400 million to build and man the secondary system. And the City maintains there's no scientific evidence that supports an upgrade is needed.

"No one swims near any of the discharge points. There is no danger to any of the marine life where there's discharge and our water isn't impacted at all." says Hannemann

E-P-A officials say this tentative decision to upgrade the plant will help preserve marine life.

you can help decide. "Monday august 27th is the deadline for the public to submit comments in regards to tentative decision regarding the Honouliuli wastewater variance renewal permit. ."

The E-P-A will review public comment from your feedback and public hearings in relation to their tentative decision. Log onto