Beach Boy Tribute At Waikiki Bar

By Diane Ako

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - Duke's Waikiki Barefoot Bar was the place to be if you're the seafaring sort. Friday afternoon there was annual tribute to the great Duke Kahanamoku and his original group of beach boys.

Hawaii's most famous Olympian would've been 118 years old today. Kahanamoku was also Waikiki's best known beach boy. Now his descendant Didi Robello says this yearly get together is a wonderful way to remember Waikiki's surfing legends. "The beachboys' get together will be less and less because it's an era that's leaving."

Today's tribute was marked with sadness because earlier today, friends bid farewell to Dukie Kuahulu, a beach boy and veteran paddler. The annual Duke's Oceanfest wraps up Saturday with tandem surfing, paddle surfing, and women's longboarding competitions.