Federal Judge Upset With Popular Bounty Hunter

Brook Hart
Brook Hart

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- A federal magistrate in Honolulu finds himself bombarded by bounty hunter Duane Dog Chapman's fans. The judge expressed his frustration in court Thursday.

Federal judge Barry Kurren is upset over the number of phone calls his court has received from supporters of the bounty hunter.

"This caused, as you heard the judge say, a good deal of disruption in the court's business, and telephone calls and e-mails that were not appreciated by the judge," Brook Hart, defense attorney, said.

The Mexican government recently dismissed its criminal case against the reality TV star and his partners. The charges stemmed from their 2003 arrest of cosmetics heir and convicted rapist Andrew Luster.

Dog, Timothy and Leland Chapman are now free on their own recognizance pending additional hearings. But there was some confusion over whether their bond would be released.

Prosecutors say the Chapmans, while on their book tour, urged their fans to contact the judge.

"The Chapmans understandably were quite concerned when all charges dismissed in Mexico meant they could walk around Mexico without any inhibition, and somehow in the United States, they perceived they were still on bond," Hart said.

The parties had already agreed to set aside the bail last week. The court will now put that in writing for the bondsman.

"The bonds people needed actual language that says the bond is hereby set aside, vacated and cancelled," Hart said.

The Chapmans' next hearing is scheduled for October 26th.