Talk Story Caller Is Concerned About Dangerous Trees

Linda Peterson
Linda Peterson

NORTH SHORE (KHNL) - Dangerous trees have one North Shore neighbor worried.

When Linda Peterson of Pupukea couldn't get any answers about troublesome trees in her neighborhood she contacted our talk story line.

When giant trees come crashing down, lives can be lost. To prevent this tragedy a Pupukea homeowner speaks out.

Linda Peterson contacted our talk story line after a giant eucalyptus tree toppled over recently, "Well there was a tree that fell across the road we had no access, had to go around the long way but the thing is the tree was so large it could have killed anybody that had been under it at the time."

They pose a threat to residents. "People jog up here, kids ride their bikes up here people walk their dogs.there is a lot of traffic that uses this road and they would be hurt, " says Peterson.

To avoid tragedy she says the dead trees need to be removed. "It could kill somebody if it fell on them these trees are huge maybe over 100 feet high and the trunk is a good size."

Peterson says strong winds are a big worry. "It gets really windy up here and so when the winds blow and the trees already dead are unstable they get knocked down it just becomes a real hazard to anybody and everybody."

Some are on private property, others on land owned by the City. "What I'd like to do is determine what can be done to preserve trees if possible cut them back to the point where they can now support themselves and not fall on cars going by ."

She's also concerned trees will take out utility lines. One tree is leaning toward a telephone pole and the lines feed phone service and cable television to the community.