Rescue Team Airlifts Injured Hiker From Maunawili Falls

WINDWARD OAHU (KHNL) -- Several recent high school graduates went on a hiking excursion at Maunawili Falls Wednesday, and experienced more than they expected. Rescue workers rushed to the popular trail, after one of the hikers was injured in a fall.

An 18-year-old woman lays in the back of an ambulance, after some terrifying moments at Maunawili Falls.

"She looks like she's going to be good," Donica Badua, victim's cousin, said.

Friends identify the victim as Anna Liwanag. They say their group decided to hike to the waterfall area at the end of Maunawili Trail.

"We came here. We were all excited," Badua said.

But once there, the mood quickly changed. Friends say Liwanag jumped into the pool and lost consciousness.

"She jumped from the highest place, I guess, yeah," Calvin Gipson, victim's friend, said. "And as she was jumping, she snagged on top of a branch. And, I guess, she did kind of like a 360 spin and landed on her head."

"I thought she was going to die, yeah, 'cause that was a pretty heavy fall," Badua said. "It was really high."

Friends say they pulled her out of the water and called 911.

"She brought her cell phone just in case something ever happened," Badua said.

Fire officials say Liwanag had regained consciousness by the time they arrived. A rescue team airlifted her to a nearby park.

"She was okay," Badua said. "She was talking and stuff, and she didn't want to go. But she was being stubborn."

Paramedics took Liwanag to the hospital in serious condition.