Estimate To Repair Campbell Lights Is Staggering

Sam Delos Reyes
Sam Delos Reyes

(KHNL) - It may cost as much as one hundred thousand dollars to repair the Campbell High School football field lights damaged by copper thieves.

When thieves ripped off copper wire from the school's stadium lighting, they may have gotten away with hundreds of dollars worth of copper.

But they caused nearly one hundred thousand dollars in damage.

School officials discovered the copper theft right before last Friday night's

pre- season game.

Cambell Athletic Director Sam Delos Reyes explains, "The head custodian and I went to the power tried to turn on the lights and none of them came on."

School officials investigated. "The custodial staff went around to take look at power boxes, found lines tampered and cut"

They cancelled the game. Team members, parents, classmates, the community, were disappointed.

"You could see it in the player's eyes. They came to play and didn't get a chance to show their skills and abilities," says Delos Reyes.

Students run plays on the football field. The team can practice but only during daylight hours. Football is out of the question at night. Thieves took more than just copper this time.

Money to repair the lights will come out of the state's education budget.

"It's definitely a shame. That money could have been used already, it was set in terms of priority like curriculum, books, classrooms, buildings, furniture will be put on hold because of something like this, " compalins Delos Reyes.

The first home game was scheduled for Friday night, September 7th.

Officals don't think the lights will be fixed in time.

So that matchup against Waianae will likely be played Saturday afternoon instead.