Police Turn To Students For Help in Assault and Burglary Cases

Neal Sakamoto
Neal Sakamoto

(KHNL) - Police are now hoping students in Manoa can help them find the suspect linked to a recent assault and burglary.

The suspect, broke into a room in the Mokihana residence hall Sunday morning and attacked a female student.

He's described as being Caucasian, about 6 feet tall, with a slim build. He was last seen wearing a green t-shirt.

On Tuesday night, police, campus security, and housing officials posted flyers at the Manoa dorms.

They want to warn students about the suspect, but also hope someone can help with the investigation.

Detectives are also going door to door to talk to students.

They say the victim did scream during the attack and they're hoping somebody heard something.

Investigators tell us there's a reason why the victim was only able to give a general description of her attacker.

"You have to understand she's woken up from a sleep, she traumatized by a weapon to her face probably everything at that time - tunnel vision for her for her," said Sgt. Kim Buffet of Crimestoppers.

"I think initially when it first happened there was a lot of surprise and shock. Today the sense I'm getting is a little more confident and we've upgraded security patrols," said Neal Sakamoto, the chief of campus security.

Police today also made it clear that the victim was not stabbed.

They say the suspect was holding a scissors and when he surprised the student, she jumped and was nicked on her lip.

Police say the victim has switched dorms since the attack.