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Monitoring "Dean" From Sea Life Park

Jesus Bravo Jesus Bravo

By Howard Dashefsky

WAIMANALO (KHNL) - Jesus Bravo knows what it's like to weather a storm.

And when one is heading his way, he needs to worry about more than just people.

As General Manager of Sea Life Park, it's his job to make sure everyone, and everything in his park, is safe.

Before moving to Hawaii two years ago, Bravo held the same job at  similar parks in the Yucutan.

"I left a lot of friends over there not only in the company but on a personal basis, so you cannot detach from that" says Bravo.

So for the past few days, the Mexican transplant has been monitoring the storm with his colleagues in the Yucutan.

And even though he's thousands of miles away, he helps.

Because he's been through this drill before.

"I was part of the preparations for Hurricane Wilma,  so we're worried about the people, the animals and the location".

As luck had it, Dean to a turn to the South, sparing both of his former parks any serious damage.

But had it headed their way, Bravo says they would have been ready.

 "We have learned in the past the preparations for a hurricane, so everyone was notified in enough time to take the appropriate measures.

Measures he says will protect the people and animals live, work and play at Sea Life Park if a powerful storm were to come our way.

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