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Former UH Player Stirs Controversy with Web Posting

Herman Frazier Herman Frazier
Ian Sample Ian Sample
June Jones June Jones
Sample recently authored "Once A Warrior" about his experiences playing football for UH Sample recently authored "Once A Warrior" about his experiences playing football for UH

By Reid Shimizu

MANOA (KHNL)- University of Hawaii Athletics Director Herman Frazier has had a busy summer with everything from football schedules to legislative inquiries.

Now only a week and a half away from kickoff, comes accusations from a former player about the state of the football program.

"I've already had three or four meetings as it relates to the alleged things said by Mr. Sample," Frazier said, "We will make sure we leave no stone unturned as we try to figure this out."

The source of the controversy are excerpts edited out of former UH wide receiver Ian Sample's new book, 'Once a Warrior,' and posted on his My Space web page.

Ian Sample My Space web excerpts:

"Have people on the team taken steroids? yes, they have. sometimes it's obvious, you see someone improve over a couple months by leaps and bounds."

"When one of these "random" p*** tests comes around it's amazing that none of our valuable players are ever selected, especially the ones known for smoking weed."

"I'm convinced the "random" tests are not random at all. the higher ups definitely know what they are doing when they decide who will be tested."

Frazier disagrees.

"There was some miscalculations as to it relates to some of it, especially the drug testing part," he said, "The NCAA does that so i know there's no staff person involved in how that's done."

Warrior Head Coach, June Jones says he's disappointed one of his former players would choose to do something like this.

"We have the greatest kids in the world at this campus and its just a shame that someone kind of threw them under the bus," Jones said.

To acquire the information, Sample interviewed several of his teammates and stands by his work.

"I've talked to a certain number of my teammates because i know there's a lot of controversy on what's out there," Sample said "But i'm happy inside because i have their blessings so i'm good with myself."

Frazier said currently he and the school are still reviewing the accusations and have not decided on any future actions.

"We're reacting to something that's on the internet," Frazier said, "There's all sorts of things on the internet and we can only go by what's factual."

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