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New Hilton Lagoon Set to Open in September

Chris Hossellman Chris Hossellman
Donna Glenn Donna Glenn
Kenny Paredes Kenny Paredes
Chopper 8 over the construction of the new lagoon Chopper 8 over the construction of the new lagoon

By Mary Simms

WAIKIKI (KHNL) -  A major Waikiki renovation, in the works since 2005, is almost complete. The goal was to make the lagoon smaller, cleaner, and overall -- just better. After more than a year of construction, the new and improved lagoon is set to open next month.

By the end of September, this construction site should be a beautiful new lagoon. Clean water is at the center of the project. The Hilton has installed a new pumping system, one it says will dramatically improve water quality.

The project is moving along quickly, and people are noticing.

"Its been moving along pretty fast lately, it started off kinda slow as they were digging the hole and taking the sand out and they just got the pump installed now, they're moving along pretty quickly planting trees and stuff," said Honolulu resident Chris Hossellman.

The whole thing is creating quite a buzz. The Glenn family, visiting from Canada, came to the beach today just to check it out.

"That's why we took the bus here, just to have a look at what was happening," said Donna Glenn. "Its fantastic, its going to be beautiful."

But for local residents, has all the ongoing, and noisy construction caused them to be less excited?

"A little, not really. The old lagoon was more of a nuisance than the construction has been lately, so it's worth it," said Hossellman.

Even a tourist who had his beach view blocked, says he wants to come back, when the lagoon is complete.

"I was expecting more of a beach lookout, and with all the construction, you can't really see out," said Kenny Paredes. "I think I will visit it more often now, this being my first time, it looks like it will be a gorgeous place."

The lagoon and surrounding boardwalk will be open to the public. And, the saltwater lagoon will be supplied by seven saltwater wells that will help keep the lagoon fresh.

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