Tighter Security on Manoa Campus

By Mari-Ela David

MANOA (KHNL) - Crime on campus is nothing new.

But the security measures now in place at the Manoa dorms sure are.

Campus security is out in force Monday night and they'll be on patrol around the clock.

It's in response to a pair of burglaries, one involving a sexual assault.

Since both crimes happened overnight, the university will keep a closer eye on students a they prepare to go to sleep.

Campus security at The University of Hawaii at Manoa is on 24 hour watch making sure students are safe, especially after the sun goes down.

It was in the early morning hours when two burglaries - one a sexual assault - happened at the Mokihana residence hall.

And security guards want to make sure that doesn't happen again.

"It's kind of scary knowing the person is still around," said freshman Amanda Ehe.

Police aren't sure how the suspect got into the dorm. You need an access key to enter the building. The suspect could be a student living here so students are asked to keep their doors locked.

The front desk at all dorms are on 24 hour guard, checking students ids and monitoring guests.

Staff will also make rounds, testing doors to make sure students lock their rooms - which is what the victim did not do.

"They could have just had their doors locked and all of this could have been prevented," Ehe told us.

While the university is stepping up security, campus leaders say the key to safety lies in students awareness.

Students who spoke with KHNL News 8 told us for the most part they still feel safe. They said they're more conscious of their safety, but refuse to live in fear.