Punching Ahead

KALIHI (KHNL) - As a young boy, David Tangjian said he wanted to be an astronomer.

Now instead of looking at the stars, he prefers to make his opponents see them in the squared circle.

"After my 2nd day of training i begged to get in and spar," David said, "I got beaten up but it was fun. I cried but it didn't scare me away."

For the past 14 years, the Campbell High School grad has spent hours perfecting his skills in the sweet science.

But surprisingly this ring king says he wasn't spurred on by dreams of wealth and fame.

"The reason why i started taking boxing seriously, was during the 1996 Olympics, i saw David Reid fight," he said, "He went to school and i later found out there was a scholarship for boxing."

Now bound for Northern Michigan University on a boxing scholarship, David plans to pursue his olympic goals, and a degree in criminal justice, and eventually hopes to make a difference in his hometown of Waianae.

"I know what those kids are going through and if there's anyway that i can help them, i will," he said, "Anyway possible i plan to give back."

Whatever it takes, he'll do it to get ahead, even if it means taking a few shots to the head.

"Even if it means losing a couple brain cells," David joked, "If i have to get hit in the head to be a role model for them, i'll do it, i'll do it."