Governor Lingle releases $85,000,000 for University of Hawaii projects

By: Diane Ako

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Governor Linda Lingle has released $85,000,000 for a new University of Hawaii (UH) West Oahu Campus, as well as for repairs and maintenance at 10 UH campuses statewide. The Governor made the announcement at the Centennial Campaign Kick-Off Dinner this evening, where she emphasized the importance of public and private collaboration and cooperation to achieve the goal of the University of Hawaii becoming one of the best public universities in the nation. The campaign effort is being undertaken in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of higher education in Hawaii.

As the University of Hawaii enters its second century of enriching the lives of students from Hawaii and across the Pacific, the state remains committed to providing the resources needed for the university to reach its full potential as a center of academic excellence, said Governor Lingle. At the same time, the growth and continued success of any major university also depends on the philanthropic support of alumni, the business sector and the community. There is no better investment of private and public funds than our University of Hawaii system.


$35 million will be used for design and construction of a new four-year undergraduate college at the UH-West Oahu campus.

Currently, UH-West Oahu campus offers a two-year, upper-division baccalaureate program. Beginning this Fall, the university will offer a four-year baccalaureate program.

As of Fall 2006, the campus had an enrollment of 866 students. The first phase of the new UH-West Oahu campus will serve approximately 1,560 students, with a long-term design to serve 7,600 students with 1,000 faculty and staff. In order to accommodate the additional classes now, UH-West Oahu will rent classrooms in Kapolei. The campus will be constructed on a portion of the universitys 500-acre parcel in Kapolei, part of which is being sold to a private developer for a total of $100,140,000, which will provide additional financing for development projects including roadways, utilities, and classrooms as well as administration and support buildings.

$7,321,418 will be used in the design phase to conduct studies on infrastructure including water, sewer, roads and drainage; noise and sound studies; and to obtain permits.

$27,678,582 will be used in the construction phase for the development of sewer lines and a 215-foot elevation water reservoir, which will be coordinated with the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, and a 440-foot elevation water reservoir that includes a non-potable water system.

We are thankful that Governor Lingle continues to support the development of the new Kapolei campus for UH West Oahu, which we believe will bring tremendous value to the region, said UH-West Oahu Chancellor Gene Awakuni. By releasing the funds, the Governor enables the new campus development to move forward in a timely manner.

Design is scheduled to begin in September 2007. Construction on these projects is scheduled to begin in July 2008 and be completed in Fall 2009.


$50 million will be used for repairs and maintenance, as well as health and safety projects at University of Hawaii facilities statewide. The funds will be applied to various projects at all 10 UH campuses.

  • UH M?a: $21,073,000 will be used for various renovations and improvements to lighting systems, air conditioning, walkways, and roofing, as well as repainting and structural improvements, fire alarm and grease trap upgrades and installation of a septic tank system. Facilities scheduled for improvements include the Art Building, Biomedical Sciences Building, George Hall, Music Building Complex, Physical Education/Athletics Complex, Institute for Astronomy, College of Education and Hamilton and Sinclair libraries.
  • UH Community Colleges: $16,344,000 will be used for improvements to the seven community colleges statewide: Kapiolani, Honolulu, Windward, Leeward, Kauai, Maui and Hawaii. Projects include repainting, reroofing, electrical repairs, air conditioning improvements, fire safety upgrades, refurbishing restrooms, electrical power distribution upgrades, grease trap upgrades, air conditioning upgrades to eradicate mold and telephone system upgrades.
  • UH Hilo: $11,970,000 will be used for the renovation of laboratories, fencing the soccer field, reroofing the business office, accessibility and signage improvements throughout the campus, traffic light improvements at the main entrance to the campus and sewer connection upgrades. Also included are temporary facilities that will house programs displaced by repairs and maintenance projects, such as the Edith Kanakaole Hall, which is undergoing a major replacement of the air conditioning system to eradicate mold.
  • UH-West Oahu: $113,000 will be used for roofing improvements and electrical repairs.
  • UH System: $500,000 will be used for an audit of facilities and asset management systems at all campuses.