Student Assaulted, Robbed in Dorm

MANOA (KHNL) - A female student residing in Hale Aloha Mokihana, a dorm on the University of Manoa campus, reported being sexually assaulted shortly before 6 o'clock Sunday morning.

The victim reported being awakened by an unknown suspect. The suspect had pushed a pair of scissors against her cheek, causing a small cut. According to the victim, the suspect then attempted to sexually assault her. She screamed and fought back, and the suspect fled.

It was also later discovered that the victim's wallet and its contents were also missing.

According to Campus Security, a similar burglary occurred in the same Mokihana residence dorm between 2:00 and 5:00 Saturday morning. No one was assaulted in that incident.

The Honolulu Police Department is actively investigating Sunday's incident. No description of the suspect was given, as the victim was not able to see the suspect well enough.

Students and campus residents have been advised of the incident and are being requested to be aware and take precautions by locking their doors at all times.