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Ian Sample
Ian Sample

Aug 19, 2007 02:18 PM

By Reid Shimizu

HONOLULU (KHNL) - If there's anything former Hawaii wide receiver, Ian Sample enjoys more than burning an opposing defensive back, its his love for the pen and paper.

"I've wrote since i was little, usually poetry and stuff like that," he said, "This is the first like real venture that i've took on that means something a lot more than just personal use."

The result his debut as an author, in a book titled 'Once a Warrior'.

Hawaii football, on the field and off the record.

"I started writing like at 11 o'clock at night and i'd go till maybe five in the morning typing away," he said, "I did that every night for about four to five months."

Sample says his inspiration for the book, was to offer fans a glimpse of life under the helmet.

"I mean it talks about how we deal with the stereotypes of us being womanizers, and players, and cocky attitudes," he said, "There's also the other spectrum and that has to do with the haka and what that means and the brotherhood of it, so i mean there's a huge array of topics and it just runs the gambit of what football is."

Sample says he's gotten positive feedback from a few of his teammates, and hopes the book will open the game up to fans as never before.

"I think this really takes away the illusion of what football is and it brings us closer and more intimate to who we really are," Sample said, "I hope the fans can just understand where we're coming from and appreciate us even more."