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Kids Still Buzzing Over High School Musical 2

Chanel Uehara Chanel Uehara
Jasmine Quilit Jasmine Quilit
Carly Klohs Carly Klohs

By: Mari-Ela David

OAHU (KHNL) - Preliminary estimates show Friday night's premiere of Disney's "High School Musical 2" broke ratings records in basic-cable television history.

Fans have memorized the songs, they know the dances, there are even cakes designed just for the premiere of what's dubbed as the modern-day "Grease".

The original TV movie launched in January 2006 sparked such a frenzy, the blockbuster won an Emmy. That frenzy has carried over to the much-anticipated sequel, with island preteens holding viewing parties for Friday night's debut.

"It's a good excuse to have a party with our friends," says Cheryl Kapahu of Kailua.

Fans say it's the well-choreographed entertainment that has them glued to the tube.

"Because I like the music and the singing," says 4th grader Chanel Uehara of Kaneohe.

"I like Gabriella when she sang because she sang really good," says kindergartner Malia Sakurai of Kaneohe.

"I like the characters and what the story's about," says 3rd grader Jasmine Quilit of Kaneohe.

"Good actors, and cute actors," says 7th grader Carly Klohs of Kailua.

Whatever the reason, the East High School cast has struck such a strong chord among preteens, early ratings show "High School Musical 2" attracted more than 17 million viewers.

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