Nervous Residents Welcome Moanalua Boulder Removal

Lisa Hall
Lisa Hall

MOANALUA (KHNL) - After fears they would fall for years, giant boulders looming over a Moanalua neighborhood will be removed.

The community was concerned after sevearl mudslides brought boulders crashing down into their yards.

The property belongs to Tripler Army Medical Center. Starting again on Monday

workers will be up on the mountainside breaking boulders and soon a helicotper will haul them off.

Officials estimate this boulder above Lisa Hall's house weighs more than ten tons. "If you look at it, if it built up enough momentum which it probably would if it started to come down, it would jump the ditch and land in my bedroom."

Hall's biggest concern is the safety of her family, "The grandkids boys, all boys and they like to climb."

Federal officials hired a contractor to remove dangerous rocks. Hall explains, "They broke some of the smaller boulders up there, 5 total. That's the biggest boulder the one I am concerned about."

Once they are in more manageable sizes, workers put the chunks in white nylon bags. "So the helicopter will fly them over the hill and put them on Tripler land," confirms Hall.

For their safety neighbors will have to evacuate next week for a few hours when the helicopter's brought in to move the boulders out. Hall says she'll be relieved once the ominous boulders perched above her home are gone.

"We have lost sleep over it, definitely have."