Kids Hooked on Disney's High School Musical

Carly Klohs
Carly Klohs

HONOLULU (KHNL) - If you have kids, chances are they just peeled themselves away from the TV after catching the sequel to Disney's hit movie "High School Musical", which premiered Friday night.

The blockbuster is so popular, it's being dubbed as the modern-day "Grease".

At viewing parties across the island, kids had the songs memorized, and some of the dances.

One viewing party even had a "High School Musical" ice cream cake made.

The sequel features the original cast. Fans say it's the characters charm and talent that have them hooked.

"There's like comedy and singing and good actors and cute actors," says Carly Klohs of Kailua.

All the hype started in January of 2006. That's when Disney released the original TV movie.

"High School Musical" was such a hit, it won an Emmy and attracted nearly 8 million viewers.

Parents love the movie too. They say there's so much violence on the airwaves, that it's refreshing to see kids watching a wholesome movie like "High School Musical".