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Parking Problems Continue at UH

J.R. DeGroote J.R. DeGroote

By Kristine Uyeno

HONOLULU -- On Monday, tens of thousands of University of Hawaii students will head back to class to face a continuing problem.

With just 5,000 parking spots for 20,000 students, there's just not enough parking.

"It's competitive, yah, early bird gets the worm, kind of a thing," said Justin Lozano, UH student.

It's a snooze or lose kind of a battle that they face every semester.

"There's like nowhere to park on campus and you have to get on a waiting list for a permit. So there's nothing you can really do about it, people have to park everywhere," said Ally Thompson, UH student.

That frustrates nearby residents.

"People blocking our parking and parking on the grass, taking our parking spots," said J.R. DeGroote, Manoa resident.

DeGroote has a plan.

"We're going to try to block it off as much as possible. So we can at least have our two cars parked," he said.

This year, drivers will face a new challenge.

Beginning next week, Board of Water Supply crews will be doing some work on Hunnewell Street, just a block away from campus. They'll be closing off one lane of traffic, which means there will be fewer parking spots for drivers.

Many students are asking for more parking structures. Unfortunately, even that might not help. UH officials say there never was and never will be enough on-campus parking for everyone.

They suggest students catch the bus, which is offering a special, $100-a-semester pass.

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