Operation Hele On

HICKAM AIRFORCE BASE (KHNL) - It was a busy morning at Hickam Air Force Base as

more than one hundred brave young men and women went through their pre - deployment process.

But these were no ordinary troops.

They marched the march of their mothers and fathers.

These are the faces of military children, who this morning got a true taste of what their parents go trough when it's time to ship out.

The young soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are taking part in operation "hele on", hawaiian for "ready go".

Amanda Depinho's father was deployed a few months ago.

"I think it would be difficult to go and get on that plane and be strong and keep a smile on your face," says Amanda depinho.

"I think it's helpful because they finally get to see what it's like for their parents. It is a hard job that they do and I think it helps them understand more what their parents are going through," says Tassinda Yerk, Logistics Planner.

Kyle Sweet's father has yet to deploy. now he can tell dad how the deployment process works.

Even if he's not quite sure exactly what dad does.

"He works really hard i guess. he comes home really late and he's really hungry," says Kyle Sweet.

Perhaps on this day, Kyle, and the rest of his brothers and sisters in arms, have a better understanding of life in the military.

That it's serious business. and that there is always someone looking over you.