North Shore Surfers First to Surf Glacier Tsunami Waves

ALASKA (KHNL) - It's an extreme sport no one has ever dared to try, until now. North Shore's very own surfers are the only two that have successfully pulled it off.

The glacier crumbles, ice crashes into the water, creating tsunami waves of up to 25 feet. Confronting freezing swells like these is potentially deadly, but that didn't stop Kealii Mamala and Garrett McNamara from being the very first to do just that.

"It got the hairs on my back tingling a bit. Feel myself at the barrel's edge. It's a rush it's a good feeling," says Mamala.

The danger is the unpredictable nature of the glacier. You don't know when it's going to crack, or where the ice is going to fall.

"Normally when you look at a new surf spot, you watch it for a while and you watch a lot of waves break so that you understand how the bottom is shaped and where the wave is going to come and break but with something like that you're dealing with one wave and you could sit there for hours waiting for this thing to happen and when it come you don't know what it's going to do," says North Shore surfer Steven Power.

Worst case scenario - the two could have been injured or killed by falling ice or rock debris as they ran for the lives and chased the oncoming wave on their jetski. But they managed to glide out of danger, gaining bragging rights to accomplishing a feat that even McNamara says he'd never do again.

"All natural and super powerful man, that was the best!" says Mamala.

"I got my rush and I wasn't even on the wave!" says McNamara.

Although McNamara and Mamala are thrilled they're the first pull off this stunt, they say they don't recommend it for anyone.