Pacific Beach Hotel Workers Protest Layoffs

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - It's déjà vu for employees at a Waikiki hotel. They're going through another management change and are getting laid off yet again.

Pacific Beach Hotel workers protested Thursday afternoon, with their union, ILWU, leading them. The last time workers were laid off was in December. Back then, hotel owner HTH Corporation guaranteed the new owner would re-hire everyone with no loss of pay or seniority. This time around, workers say there is no guarantee.

"Frustrating part is it's a local company. You'd expect this from a foreign company but this is locally owned and during Christmas. They're telling us we're all going to be fired December 1st. What a Christmas present," says protestor Kapena Kanaiaupuni.

"What upsets me the most is this is our job. I worked here for 15 years for nothing. That's so unfair, so unfair," says protestor Virginia Recaido.

In a statement, HTH says:

"It's unfortunate that the ILWU is holding rallies at the hotel and stooping to personal attacks when Pacific Beach Corporation has already met and continues to meet with employees to explain opportunities and address any concerns."

HTH is encouraging workers to re-apply for their jobs, but again, ILWU workers demand a guarantee they'll be re-hired.