Waialua Rancher's Pasture Land Destroyed

WAIALUA (KHNL)-We toured the Flying R ranch, what's left of it. Rancher Bob Cherry is doing all he can to bring in feed since their pasture has been wiped out.

This is what the Flying R ranch looked like three months ago before flames tore through. Cows had plenty of green grass to eat.

This is how the the pasture looks now. Nothing left for the cattle to eat. They just stand around instead of grazing.

Bob Cherry recalls, "Before the fire I had a ranch, after the fire I have a piece of burned land with no fences, no water lines. I can't hold any cattle on."

Reporter Beth Hillyer explains, "Without much food or water the situation here at the Flying R ranch is so grave Bob Cherry's going to have to move all 300 head of cattle off this property."

One hundred pregnant and nursing cows were trapped in a gully with flames surrounding them.

He used his helicopter to herd them to safety. Cherry is certain, "And within half hour all of that grass was on fire so they narrowly escaped death."

Cherry's concerned some cattle didn't make it, "Any animal here grazing when the fire ripped up the mountainside is definitely dead."

He's moved by the aloha of others, "I have friends I didn't know I had. The people have just been wonderful.They have reached out, donated. We were real concerned about our ranch house and Snitzer Steel stepped up and donated D-9 bulldozer excuse me friend Mike Jacobs set all that up just had a lot of calls."