Dad Doting

Hey Dads, August 15 is the annual "Stay at Home with Your Kid" day.  Now you might not have known this pertinent fact, and I'm not suggesting everyone should have played hooky, nor kept their kid out of school, but what a concept.  It's actually a concept from the Ad Council designed to encourage fathers to be more active and to better interact with their kids.

Up to 70% of long-term prison inmates are males who grew up without a father.  Children living without their father are two to three times more likely to be suspended from or drop out of school, and there are correlated behavioral problems that go hand in hand.  So why not grab your kid by the hand today or this weekend, and make it a complete one-on-one dedication day, from breakfast through "goodnight"?  And maybe you should mark such a date on your calendar to ensure that you follow through and get involved every week or two.

We're all real busy, all pre-occupied, all able to rationalize by saying "later." So August 15 or 16 or 17 is as good a time as any to remind you that right now is a great time to start consistently dedicating some time to someone you really love, I hope.  One thing for sure, it can't hurt--either you or your child.  Think About It.