Concert Hall Benefits Aloha Medical Mission

Dr. Jorge Camara
Dr. Jorge Camara
Dr. Elizabeth Ignacio
Dr. Elizabeth Ignacio

(KHNL) - This weekend, you can listen to some beautiful music, while supporting a great cause. A piano concert called "Four Doctors, A Patient and the Mayor!" will benefit the Aloha Medical Mission. Here to give us a preview, are two of the musicians, Dr. Elizabeth Ignacio and Dr. Jorge Camara.

ANGELA:  Good to see you this morning.  How in the world did you get to know about Mayor Hanneman and his singing talent and get him to join in on the cause?

JORGE:  Well, he was there for a trade mission about two years ago and I was there for an Aloha Medical Mission.  Someone had a reception for him and someone invited me over and so I came over, there was a live band and there was the mayor singing away and he was so good, I walked up to him and said, "Mayor, can you be in our concert the following year" and he said yes, luckily so we're so happy to have him.

ANGELA:  Now, is this the first time Dr. Ignacio is going to be joining in, too?

ELIZABETH:  This is the first year actually, I've just moved back home to the islands within this past year and Dr. Camara asked me to join and it's an honor and a privilege to join this concert.

ANGELA:  Well, tell me a little about how important the Aloha Medical Mission is and how that fundraiser come into play with the work that you do.

JORGE:   This is our 24th anniversary.  For 24 years, we've had 95 missions to other countries, the Phillipines, China, Laos, Cambodia to name a few, and we also have a homeless clinic here, right here in Hawaii at the Kalihi-Palama Settlement.  The money we raise are used to fund the supplies that we use, the medicine, because all of our volunteers pay their own way, they pay for their own transportation and lodging.  But we need the money primarily to pay for our supplies and for all the many, many things that go into making a mission.

ANGELA: We look forward to the music.  I know that you play music for your patients.  It's a rare thing to have a doctor perform for you so performing for your patients is a very healing thing and you too, Dr. Ignacio.

The benefit concert, "Four Doctors, A Patient and the Mayor!" is Saturday night at seven o clock at the Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster and the Blaisdell Box Office.