Basketball Hopefuls Take Shop at Rainbow Dome

Rashaun Broadus
Rashaun Broadus

(KHNL) - If you've got a hoops dream, the Stan Sheriff Center is the place to be this week.

About 60 basketball hopefuls are taking up shop in the Rainbow Dome, pretty much on a job interview.

The players are put through the paces by coaches of the Chinese Basketball Association.

Those that impress will be selected by that league, in a draft coming up Thursday.

One guy with local ties is taking part in the proceedings, hoping to make his next basketball stop far away... in the far east.

Its a big week for ex-Mililani basketball star, Rashaun Broadus.

With the Chinese Basketball Association foreign athlete draft right around the corner.

Broadus is hoping his home "state" advantage, will translate into a draft notice.

"Its my house its my hometown you know. I'm familiar with the place real well so it should be a good one."

But for Broadus, just getting another shot at basketball has been a bonus.

In January, he was arrested for driving under the influence and was suspended for the remainder of his senior season at BYU.

"Just playing at any level is a start and just as long as I get my foot in the door that's all I want is an opportunity to play somewhere so this will be huge for me if I get a shot to play in China."

Chinese basketball rules allow only two foreign players per team.

So the competition between draft hopefuls, is up there.

"Its exciting to see new talent, people coming from all over the world. If you got talent they'll see it and they'll pick you up. I mean its been a long road but its been fun though."

With his life back on track, the 23-year old hopes jump start his pro career.

"Of course my dream is to make it to the NBA. So going to China will be a different experience definitely. And so I would like to start off in China if they gave me the opportunity and I'll play my best to try and get it."