Key Volunteers Make a Difference at Shriners Hospital

Mark Marble
Mark Marble
Bob Graham
Bob Graham

MAKIKI (KHNL) - Shriners Hospital of Honolulu has been helping children in Hawaii for more than 80 years.

Its medical team keeps it going with the help of key volunteers.

Around the halls of Shriners Hospital in Makiki, he's known as "Uncle Bob".

He began volunteering here nine years ago, at the urging of his wife.

You name it.  Uncle Bob, does it.

''I've been here for many years, and he's never said "no" when we've called him. Whether it be an art show, whether it be an outing at Sea Life Park, whether it be a last minute trip to the movies," said Mark Marble of Shriners Hospital.

''Just watching these kids from when the progress to when they leave here and their attitudes. They seem like they have no cares in the world," said volunteer Bob Graham.

Shriner's hospital offers state-of-the-art orthopedic care, burn treatment and spinal cord treatment specifically developed for children.

And it's all free of charge.

The Honolulu facility tends to some $6,000 children each year.

That's where the extra help comes in handy.

''I find it very rewarding. I find it very gratifying. It makes me feel good inside that I can help in my small way, the children of our future," said Graham.

And who can say no to them.