Flossie's Rain Still Not Enough

Leslie Hanawahine
Leslie Hanawahine

(KHNL) - It's been dry all summer long.

So the rain Hurricane Flossie's bringing is a welcome sight.

"We're happy that we're expecting the rain so maybe we have our crops do a little bit better," said Leslie Hanawahine, field manager of Nalo Farms.

But Flossie, isn't really helping that much.

"Today it hasn't been that much rain we've had really light, light rain," said Hanawahine.

Some parts of Oahu are reporting several inches of rain, but Honolulu is still well below the normal rainfall level.

You can tell the rain isn't really saturating the ground because the soil underneath, is still dry.

"We would love to see happen, a little bit of cloud cover and maybe an inch of rain a day would probably be good, where we wouldn't have to use a lot of water," said Hanawahine.

Usually during the summer, workers water the crops once or twice a day. This year, they water up to three times a day and sometimes, that still isn't enough. But there is a silver lining in all of this.

"The good thing about today is we don't have to water," she said.