Flossie Downgraded to Category 1, Puna and Kau to Get Most Rain

By Sharie Shima

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Some good news tonight, Hurricane Fossie has been downgraded to a category 1 storm. The winds have come down to about 85 mph sustained, the system passing about 95 miles south of South Point about 9:00 PM Tuesday night.

Flossie is still undergoing some upper-level wind shear, that is also helping to weaken the storm. It's been a slow mover throughout the day, that's why it has been pretty quiet for the east side of the island of Hawaii. It was moving at about 8 miles-per hour.

But now it looks like it is starting to pick up speed, the forward motion at about 10 miles per hour. Models have been right on track, keeping this system south of the Hawaiian  Islands. Right now it appears the Big Island will feel most of it's effects, the South Piont area and the Puna District favored to pick up most of the rainfall.