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Boaters Prepare for Hurricane Flossie

Mel Wills Mel Wills
Donald Bunnell Donald Bunnell

By Beth Hillyer

KEWALO BASIN (KHNL) - A small craft advisory remains in effect through earlyThursday morning, and boaters are urged to use caution in already rough seas.

Boat owner Donald Bunnell guards against storm damage, "What I'm trying to do is prepare for a little bit of strong winds which we may get and putting out extra lines and tying down the canvass, things like that."

Despite Flossie's forecasted path south of the islands, boaters have concerns. Bunnell adds, "I'm thinking that the storm as it passes by with all these computer models could feel the presence of the islands and get sucked into the lee here so i just want to be ready. "

Oahu tour boats are operating but Holoholo charters on Kauai evacuated boats to Oahu.

Boat Captain Mel Wills says, "During Hurricane Iniki we had boats here and 2 days later they flipped over a seawall that was 75 yards away. We had boats smaller than this doing cartwheels across the ocean. We had boats with the front sail attached and it was whipping like a weedwacker taking the masts off other boats."

They remove everything not bolted down. Wills adds, "We strip all the sails off the boat, we remove any type of lifesaving equipment, anything that can be blown away or ripped up, sail covers everything comes off ."

He encourages boat owners to do the same, "If the storm tracks this way and we start to see a big breeze you don't have time to react. You may not be able to get down to your boat so it's so much easier to do it before the storm hits. "

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