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High Surf from Flossie Concerning Oahu Officials

Lisa Katsura Lisa Katsura
Peter Hirai Peter Hirai

By Stephen Florino

MAKAPUU (KHNL) - Flossie isn't expected to bring too many problems to Oahu. But officials are concerned about one thing -- the high surf.

It's a windy day at Makapuu. A few are braving the conditions to catch some waves.

And at Sandy's, the water is packed, as everyone enjoys the swell, even though conditions aren't ideal.

"It picked up a lot, but it's pretty windy, so kinda makes it junk," said Lisa Katsura.

"It's a little rough," said Jeff Mallin. "Little bigger than usual."

That's because of Flossie, who's bringing powerful winds, creating rough conditions. And that has officials on edge.

"We ask people to exercise their usual caution, as they would any time we have a high surf advisory," said Peter Hirai, of Honolulu's Department of Emergency Management.

Surf on Oahu's south and east shores is expected to reach as high as eight feet. And even though it's not perfect, it helps make up for a lackluster summer.

"It was quiet for a while, today's making up for it," said Mallin.

So many of these beachgoers say they'll be here again.

And emergency personnel will be watching.

"Our civil defense responders are going to monitoring the surf over the next several days, and if there's any damages, of if we need to close any beaches or highways, we'll take appropriate action," said Hirai.

If you're going to the beach, officials urge you to exercise caution -- talk to a lifeguard if you have any questions.

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