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Hurricane Flossie Update at 4:00 PM Tuesday

(KHNL) - This is a weather update on Hurricane Flossie now located about 160 miles south of Hilo.  It is still a hurricane Category 2, it has weakened in the overnight hours but it will still pack a punch.  Forecasters still expecting anywhere between 5 to 10 inches of rain with this storm system as it interacts with land.  We're also seeing large surf in the south east flank of the island Hawaii as a result of these winds pointing right at the southeastern shoreline we can see sets of 20 feet before the evening is over.

The forecast track has not changed at all. It will remain a hurricane as it passes up south of the island.  Right now at winds at 105 mph sustained gusts as high as 125.  The island of Hawaii will see tropical winds in the next few hours or so, we're talking anywhere between 40 and 50 mile per hour wind gusts as the system approaches the island.  Take a look here a live shot of Hilo Bay pretty overcast and that has been the story over the past several hours today.  We go to the Big Island where meteorologist Paul Drewes is standing by. 

SHARIE:  Paul, what's the situation like there?

PAUL:  Well, like you mentioned, surf is the first thing we see and surf continues to pound the south-east side of the island.  We've seen waves about 15 feet.  There have been some reports of waves up to 20 foot phases for the south-eastern side of the island.  And we have seen some areas with wind gusts starting to pick up in South Point where we just came from.  It was very breezy and blustery there.  Rain is what we haven't seen too much of.  There has been some light showers around the volcano areas but for the south region area that is bracing for this hurricane as it passes by, they haven't seen much in the rain all day although the entire island has seen gray and cloudy skies and for those areas that have seen showers, the showers have been on the lighter side.  As you look to the south-west, clouds are dark some look a little menacing so we're anticipating an increase in rain over the next few hours.

SHARIE:  Alright Paul, we'll definitely have reports from you throughout the night.  And we just got word several minutes ago from Big Island Civil Defense that they have opened up two pet friendly shelters.  They are at Waiakea High School and Keaau High School.  Now if you choose to head toward a shelter, and have a pet, you can head there.  The evacuations are not mandatory.

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