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August 13, 2007

Repair Despair

The backlog continues to grow, as does the mold, in numerous public schools throughout the state as planned renovations and repairs are put on hold due to lower-than-expected tax collections.  It's more than a shame that schools have to have detours and blocked off areas.  It's more than just an inconvenience when plumbing doesn't work or roofs leak.  What it is is a sign to students, subliminal or blatant, that the adults just don't seem to care enough to figure out how to fix things up, as promised.

Bad enough that we can't get proper equipment, like books, to everybody; bad enough that the temperature in some schools reaches triple digits in hot months like this.  But now we, the adults, the supposed responsible ones, the role models, simply aren't fulfilling our commitment, our promise, to at least give the kids an environment more conducive to learning, an area to learn that says "respect this place, because we do."

And the worst part is, while current problems won't get fixed until later, new problems are cropping up with pipes and paint and roofs every year.  A better plan to ensure a steady stream of repairs has got to be found; we hear the call often for better efforts and results from public school students and teachers; let's make sure the people responsible for ensuring safety and hygiene aren't hypocrites and apologists year after year.  Think About It. 

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