Will Flossie Affect Tourism?

David Uchiyama
David Uchiyama

(KHNL) - Is Hurricane Flossie putting a black mark on our tourism industry?

And at a time like this, how are tourism officials taking care of visitors?

They say they're doing what they can to keep visitors informed of the storm's path.

"We have it up on our Go Hawaii site, but we have been interfacing with the hoteliers, the hotels have been doing a real good job of getting out there. Actually the media have been doing a real good job," said David Uchiyama with the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

Visitors we talked to say they're not letting Flossie ruin their time in paradise.

"It's been very beautiful as usual. We love it here," said Esmat Malek, visitor. "Our hotel has a display that show the progress of the hurricane."

Flossie comes at a time when Hawaii's tourism numbers are down. But officials don't think the hurricane or Monday's earthquake will affect the industry that much.

"We had a few people from the hotels that checked out a little bit early. But no substantial numbers at all," said Uchiyama.

But the big question is, will mother nature affect their decision to return?

"Absolutely not," said Malek.

Although tourism officials don't expect Flossie to really affect the inudstry, they do want to improve the numbers.

They plan to change their marketing strategy in 2008 and hope that will help.