Hurricane Flossie Update at 2:00 PM Tuesday

(KHNL) - We have an update on Hurricane Flossie, it has weaken quite a bit.  It's now a Category 2 hurricane but still packing a punch.  Here it is on satellite imagery just down to the south and east of the island of Hawaii.

It has started to weaken. The timing on this storm system has changed because it has slowed down a notch now it looks like the center of the storm itself will pass about 70 miles south around 8 o'clock this evening but we'll still see some showers for most of the day.

We have only seen light sprinkles moving on through.  There's that moisture as it starts to work its way onshore but a bulk of it is still sitting off down to the south and east that will gradually move in over the next few hours.  So the storm track has not changed, things in the atmosphere are not changing and that's why it looks like it will move parallel to the Hawaiian islands.

Winds now at 105,  gust is high as 125 so we are concerned about tropical storm force winds.  We can see winds anywhere between 40 and 50 mph once this storm system starts to interact with terrain.  The other concern is surf, we're already seeing 10 to 15 phases coming in along the south east side flooding the roadways in the Puna District area.

Also, we're expecting rainfall anywhere between 5 to 10 inches.  Here's a live shot of what it looks like right now in Hilo.  Some areas have already picked up over an inch of rainfall in the last 25 hours but some spots picking up a half inch in a matter of three hours as a result, there are 12 Red Cross shelters opened at this hour on the island.

There are no mandatory evacuations at this time.  The shelters are opened  if you wish to go to them.