Hurricane Claims Info from Zephyr Insurance

(KHNL) - Zephyr Insurance, one of the state's residential hurricane insurance companies, is informing its policy holders how to make claims if there is damage from Hurricane Flossie.

If Hurricane Flossie should cause damage to your residence or property you need to be prepared.  Have ready access to your insurance policy and identify your agent and insurance company.  Should Hurricane Flossie damage your property, your main point of contact to expedite claims filing will be your insurance agent.  Know their phone and fax number.

Aside from your insurance agent, you should know the various insurance companies that could be involved with your claim:  1) hurricane insurance; 2) homeowners insurance; 3) auto insurance; and 4) flood insurance.  These are the primary insurance areas where coverage may be available to pay losses in the event of a hurricane.

Additionally, stay tuned to radio and television broadcasts.  Insurance companies will use these forms of media to direct you to the appropriate places to receive help if you are unable to contact your insurance agent or company directly.

Zephyr Insurance policyholders who are unable to contact their insurance agent should forward their claims to Zephyr's claim reporting service, KLJ,


1.    By online electronic notice at or link from;

2.    E-mail to;

3.    Fax to 1-866-445-2198; or

4.    Call the operator-assisted toll free center at:  866-649-3848.

After incurring a loss from a hurricane, start the following:

1.    Insure the safety of your family.

2.    Report your loss.  Report your damage to your insurance agent (their phone

number is normally in your policy declarations) or contact Zephyr's claim call center, KLJ, Inc. using one of the methods above.  You may use a copy of your policy declarations as an initial claims notification with other essential information that should include:  1) a phone number by which you can be reached and 2) a description of the loss (i.e. roof damage, total loss, etc.).

3.    Take steps to protect property.  Make temporary repairs to protect

property from further damage or looting.   Use only reputable contractors.

Keep all receipts from materials and services.

4.    Prepare for the adjuster's visit.  Make a list of damaged items.  If

possible, take photographs of the damage, and put together a set of records (old receipts, bills and photographs).  Don't throw out any property, as the adjuster will want to see them.

Building damage:  Make a list of everything you would like to show the adjuster when he/she arrives.  Get written bids from reliable, licensed contractors on the repair work to help facilitate the claim process.  Bids should include details of the materials to be used and prices on a line-by-line basis.

After a loss, if you are unable to locate your Zephyr policy information and are unsure of your insurance agency contact, please call our claim reporting center KLJ, Inc at 866-649-3848.