Hurricane Flossie Update: Noon Tuesday

Aug 14, 2007 12:30 PM

(KHNL) - A tropical storm warning remains in effect for the Big Island.  A hurricane watch and a flash flood watch remain in effect for the Big Island through Wednesday.  At 11 Tuesday morning, Flossie was reported to be 165 miles south of Hilo.  Maximum sustained winds are near 105 mph with higher gusts.  Some weakening is expected over the next 24 hours.

Angela Keen: Ray Tanabe joins us from the National Weather Service. What's the latest?

Ray Tanabe: At 11:00 Am Hawaii time the cenyter of Hurricane Flossie was located about 160 miles south of Hilo. What is really important is the extent of winds. Tropical storm force winds extend out about 100 miles, and we do expect those tropical storm force winds to move out over the southern half of the big island Tuesday afternoon.

AK: It's pretty much stayed on track overnight, but it looks like its moving west-nothwest. Is this going to make any changes in the forecast so far?

RT: Right now Hurricane Flossie has been fairly well-behaved with regard to track. We expect the west-northwest motion to continue Tuesday through into Wednesday.

AK: The other thing we are going to look at is the storm surge and the big waves. What are you expecting with that?

RT: We are already seeing surf as high as 20 feet and we are expecting some of the highest sets to reach 25 feet on that southeast-facing coastline. And as a lot of that section of coastline is low-lying, they are particularly susceptible to that.

AK: Any risks associated with the other islands, Maui County, Oahu and Kauai?

RT: What we started to see on the smaller islands is an increase in trade winds as Flossie tightens up the pressure gradient over the smaller islands. We are already seeing gusts upward of 40mph on Oahu, we expect that to continue overnight into Wednesday.

AK: And consistent with your reports on the rain, we were talking about maybe 10 inches of rain in the Kau District - does it still look like that is going to happen?

RT: We are still looking for ten and possibly higher amount over the Kau section of the Big Island. Other areas of the Big Island may see 5-10 inches.