Hawaii Island Under State of Emergency

Troy Kindred
Troy Kindred

HILO (KHNL) - Hawaii Island Civil Defense is on maximum alert. Emergency leaders are on 24-hour watch with crews standing by, prepared for the worst.

Monday morning, Hawaii Island Mayor Harry Kim met with the heads of emergency responders to outline a disaster preparedness strategy.

He also advised emergency leaders to make sure their crews are on guard at all times until Flossie passes.

"Don't make the mistake of forecasting. You've got to talk to your men and women out there in regards to the unpredictability we're dealing with. Nature controls here. You and I are just players along nature's ways. You better drum that in their head," said Mayor kim.

At 5:00 pm Monday, Civil Defense ordered shelters in each region to open for residents who don't feel safe staying at home.

"We consider this storm to be potentially dangerous. We think it's incredibly important for people to do their planning and preparation starting now, and to keep themselves informed based on official reports," says Troy Kindred with Civil Defense.

At various stores across Hawaii, residents seemed to take the preparation message very seriously, with customers stocking up on disaster supplies.

Wal-Mart in Hilo and Kailua-Kona will remain open 24-hours until Flossie arrives so people can get what they need.