Waialua Fire Rages On

Flo Ozoa
Flo Ozoa

WAIALUA (KHNL) - Firefighters continue fighting this out-of control brush fire. More than 50 people fled the flames Sunday. Now back home, many are stunned by how scary the situation got. And they thank firefighters for saving their homes.

From the air you can see flames consuming everything in their path

Evacuee Flo Ozoa tells us, "I've never seen anything in my life, the fire was just coming, it was coming right here."

Panic set in as Waialua homeowners watched the approaching fire. Ozoa says, "And the fireman said evacuate evacuate."

Firefighters beat the flames back, recalls Ozoa, "That was the worst fear of my life when I saw the fire coming, I thought God what's gonna happen."

More than 50 people fled their homes. Flo and her granddaughter took off, "I said get in the car let's go, let's go, so we had to leave because the fireman told everyone to evacuate."

Her husband stayed behind, "Good thing, there is a dead branch that caught on fire and he put it out."

Firefighters stopped the flames about 25 feet from her property.

Next door the Paalaa Mini Mart was a safe haven Sunday but even the store was evacuated.

Manager Chris Sakai says, "The police asked everyone to leave, they were not sure if the fire was going to cross the road.

It crossed the road but no homes were lost. "The fireman they did a great job," concludes Ozoa.