Most Oahu Residents Prepared for Flossie

Peter Salbiejo
Peter Salbiejo

By Kristine Uyeno

(KHNL) - State civil defense officials say don't take Hurricane Flossie lightly.

They say every resident in Hawaii should be prepared for the worst.

On Oahu, most residents we talked to say they're somewhat ready for Mother Nature, but they're not panicking just yet.

Peter Salbiejo is at City Mill buying a few things.

"Oh I'm just getting things for around the house, some knick knacks," he said.

His shopping list doesn't include any emergency items.

"For me, I'm not in a panic mode yet," said Salbiejo.

He's not the only one.

"Came here to buy some gear for a kayaking trip this weekend," said Malia Lageman, Honolulu resident.

But at the last minute, she decides to grab one more thing.

"I'm buying a 4-in-1 flashlight, emergency cell phone charger, just in case," she said.

Most of the people we talked to are concerned about Hurricane Flossie's arrival, making sure they have a few of the essentials. Joy Nakasone has learned from experience.

"Because I live in an area that had typhoons. It was typhoon season, same as hurricane season and I lived through too many," she said.

At Aloha Power Equipment, Andrew Higa prepares by purchasing a $4,000 generator.

"Just for backup power, to run air conditioners, lights, cook, refrigerator," he said.

But not everyone is checking their emergency list. Instead of gearing up for the hurricane, some people hit the beach.

"I don't think it's that big of a deal, hoping it will bring some waves," said Ian Hasegawa, surfer.

Civil defense officials say a lot of residents have been calling them today asking about Flossie, but they should've been doing that a couple days ago.

They're urging people to be ready, and not wait until the last minute.