Hooping it Up Overseas

Phil Martin
Phil Martin
Aug 12, 2007 11:53 PM

(KHNL) - They say you never realize how much miss something until its gone, and for ex-Rainbow Warrior, Phil Martin.

He came close to putting his basketball away for good.

"You know I was doing a lot of different odds and ends here and there," Martin said, "At one point I was actually framing homes for a few bucks but I put that aside now and I said forget this it's a lot easier for me to play basketball and I'm glad I made that decision."

A decision that carried him across two oceans, and into Europe.

Martin is now suiting up for Ignis Novara in the Italian league.

"You know the first few month were real hard," he aaid, "Eventually they ended up releasing a few of their top stars so I moved in and i took my position and I've been starting for them and I'm returning back there as a starter as well."

This week Martin heads back to Europe for training camp, and is thankful to all those who convinced him to pursue his hoop dreams.

"It was pressure from family, friends and coaches here at Hawaii," he said, "Also financially you need to make a living somehow. This is a greater and much easier means since this is something I've been doing for a long time."