Hawaiian Movement Supports Kanaka Over Akaka

Henry Noa
Henry Noa

WAIMANALO (KHNL) - Members of a nine-year-old Hawaiian movement say they have established a strong hold on all of the islands.  Now they want Hawaii's congressional leaders to support the Kanaka bill over the Akaka bill.

Organizers of this roadside rally pound in stakes and hang brightly painted sheets.

Hawaiian warriors blowing conch shells signify the group's call to educate yourself about the re-instatement process.

"To me the most important is trying to get the Kanaka to make a commitment step inside ask questions and you'll be more aware of why we are out there doing what we are doing," says Henry Noa, Prime Minister.

With Admissions Day in August 21st...

"It's going on 114 years that we have been denied any type of reconciliation any type of rectify an injustice and Admissions Day represents a part of that," says Noa.

Signs question ownership of Hawaiian lands.

Leaders don't support the Akaka bill, but rather passage of their Kanaka bill.

"If a nation once was recognized and it was unlawfully removed it has the right to re-instate itself," says Noa.

They carry a strong message as Admission's Day approaches.

"Instead of returning the nation back to it's rightful people they decided to create a state so here we are in the 50th state of the United State's I'm glad it's still called Hawaii," says Noa.

Organizers are electing officers this fall and they invite you to get involved.  We were unable to reach the Office of Hawaiian Affairs for comment.