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State Officials, Public Should be Preparing for Storm

Ed Teixeira Ed Teixeira
Brook Parker Brook Parker
Drena Parker Drena Parker

By: Stephen Florino

(KHNL) -  Right now, everything seems fine. But authorities say they are hoping for the best, and planning for the worst. And they say you should too.

At State Civil Defense headquarters, staff is already on alert, tracking Flossie, and planning for what could happen.

"We can't relax," said Ed Teixeira, Vice director of Hawaii State Civil Defense. "We gotta continue to be vigilant and work towards the what ifs, just in case it doesn't do what the forecasters say."

They're meeting with their counterparts at the county, as well as federal levels. They're also in constant communication with the National Weather Service.

"At the state EOC, we're prepared to go around the clock as early as tomorrow night," said Teixeira. "But it all depends on the forecast, every six hours, on what the storm will do."

Officials say you should be that ready too, by having your disaster supply kit.

Flashlight, batteries, cooking fuel, and enough food and water to last at least three days.

"Each of our children have their own backpack," said Brook Parker. "It's ready to go, they all know where it is, in case we should have an emergency."

The Parkers are ready, and they know they're in the minority. They say they were the only ones prepared during last October's earthquake.

"We watched all the neighbors panic," said Drena Parker. "But we were okay cause we had our propane and our gas burners, and we ate fine. We had our lanterns and everything was ready, so we weren't really worried."

So start getting your supplies ready now, because you still have some time.

Officials say even if you have a disaster kit, you should check it out, make sure everything is still fresh and in working order.

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