Hula Halau Travels to Entertain Hawaiian Inmates on the Mainland

(KHNL) - Unlike women prisoners serving time on Oahu, some of Hawaii's inmates in Kentucky have no visitors.

So a group of dancers in Honolulu used hula to help heal their homesickness.

This is a first for Master's Touch, a hula ministry of Olivet Baptist Church in Honolulu.

Their halau traveled hundreds of miles to perform for a unique audience, women prisoners at the Otter Creek Women's Correctional Facility in Wheelright Kentucky.

Dancer's say the experience changed them.

The inmates were so happy to see them, they snapped their fingers to show their appreciation.

Master's touch says 95 percent of the women inmates at Otter Creek are mothers, and being so far from family, dancers say they wanted to bring some aloha spirit.

They wanted to let the imprisoned women know they're not forgotten.

Master's Touch plans to show video of their Kentucky visit to inmates families on the 19th at the Olivet Baptist Church.